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In November 2015, while designing a wireless camera surveillance project, we learned of the BTU Research “Brownout Buddy”, a UPS-POE injector. After a review of its capabilities, we decided to include the product in our network of cameras and radios. The substitution of a POE injector with the UPS-POE injector in the network design has proven to be a good decision. The equipment works as advertised, having provided us with 100% up time over the past year.

There’s no doubt this equipment provides an added dimension to network infrastructure and we recommend the use of Brownout Buddies where consistent power to edge devices is desired. We will use them time and again on our upcoming projects.


Miloslav Kajanek
Project Manager/Honeywell USA

In this day and age where we seemingly only hear about the negative issues surrounding companies, I thought I would take the time to tell you about my very positive experience with your company.

Last year I was having a terrible time with a project in Georgia where we were providing wireless service to an apartment complex. The area in which this network was installed, was continually experiencing power disruptions. Sometimes as many as five (5) in a week! Each loss of power was costing us money because we had to dispatch a tech so they could be manually reset with each outage. I tried everything I could think of including using UPS’s at each location. Those just didn’t seem to respond to the power loss quick enough. Nothing seemed to work.

Our customer was growing impatient. I was about to the point of pulling the system out and installing a wired network at great expense to satisfy the customer. It was then that I found out about your BTU-POI-2200-UPS device. Your salesperson allowed me to try 5 field test units to make sure they would work. Seven (7) months later, we have not experienced a single incident of disruptive power loss to our network devices. This is in spite of still many power disruptions to the surrounding neighborhood and complex.

I would recommend your device for every low voltage device remotely installed on a network. We plan to use them on every network device whether mission critical or where just a nuisance disruption could occur. They are far more valuable than their price tag as they pay for themselves in just one saved power loss event!


David DeMarce
Lead Engineer/ SkyNet WiFi