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• BTU Research Products Reduce Energy Consumption
• BAXTON Release for February 2019
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BTU Research Products Reduce Energy Consumption with Continuous PoE

Load Shedding PoE Security & Emergency Communications devices at Florida college campuses and Theme Parks demonstrate a cost-effective way to reduce electrical demand and achieve 7×24 battery backup. Continuous PoE eliminates downtime related to power interruption/outage. PoE devices become impervious to unstable power conditions. They function as intended – constantly, without interruption. Recently designed into a large-scale deployment initiative across Central Florida College Campuses and Theme Parks. Those items available in a ‘kit’ Temperature was a significant factor, as BTU is powering IoT devices atop poles. Prior to installing BTU, AC power was present at parking lot poles, continuously. No secondary power local to poles. Upon installing BTU, electricity need not be present until dark, at which time AC power is needed for lighting. The same AC power recharges BTU’s Lithium Ion Cobalt Power Paks at night. During daylight hours, the AC power is discontinued (achieved using BTU’s GUI w/ outdoor rated unit seen on home page). BTU delivers continuous PoE, local to Axis, Siklu, Code Blue, WAPs and the fan shown inside the enclosure. Significant reduction in utility power cost to End User.


Rapid Deployment Surveillance & Communication Solution

No Power, No Problem


·        Rapid Deployment of Temporary Networks.

·        IP Video and Emergency Communications anywhere.

·        No power, no problem. Anywhere an Eye in the Sky is needed

·        Providing advanced technology to critical operations spanning a spectrum of threat types.

·        Specifically Designed at the request of First Responder’s and Military Forces.

·        Mobile – Temporary – Portable – 2-Way Communications

·        BAXTON is a rapid expeditionary robot that brings communications and surveillance to any location.  Deployed in minutes in areas where power and or network is unavailable

·        BAXTON comes with a 150W power supply and a set of 4 350Wh rechargeable power packs providing 1400Whs of continuous operation.

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The Education & Government sectors have been particularly receptive to this significant step towards Campus & System Hardening.

Below is an image of a compact case that effectively demonstrates BTU’s patented technology. SwitchPak powering two Axis cameras for 8-10 hours….without the presence of electricity. (2 ports remain available for additional POE devices) Those cameras could instead be, Intelligent Locks, VOIP, Emergency Lighting, Radios, WAPs and other devices essential to an Emergency Operations Plan / Procedure.

Device counts and desired off-grid run-times are ever-scalable.

Any IoT device that may be considered, Mission Critical / Customer benefit….always on.

PoE based Mass Notification & Emergency Communications (MNEC) microphones and speakers continue to function normally, while off grid power.

BTU delivers a dedicated, constant, efficient, glitch-free, compact, uninterruptable power supply, local to the device. Door Controllers, IP Cameras, WAPs are always-on.


Below is an image of BTU items on display at

Axis’ Experience Centers


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