December 2019 Vol 12

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• Featured Technology at Operation Convergent Response
•  Siklu Publishes Solutions Brief
•  BTU – Featured Presenter to JCI’s monthly Webinar Series

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Featured Technology at Operation Convergent Response

Operation Convergent Response Gives First Responders True to Life Experience with New Technology. 2019 was the third such annual event, and was hosted by Verizon and Nokia. Operation Convergent Response puts new and developing technologies in the hands of responders in realistic scenarios to experience first-hand, tools can provide an advantage in crisis situations. BTU’s BAXTON was a featured Product in the Airport in Crisis area of the event. Rapidly Deployable Emergency Communications without the need for hardware power nor hardwire internet connections. Easily transportable in a single pelican case. Now available in a Hurricane Resistant model!



Siklu Publishes Solutions Brief



Our friends at Siklu have published the following Solutions Brief. Like our other valued Technology Partners, Siklu recognizes that their Products only perform to specification standards, when connected to a constant, uninterrupted source of Ethernet Power. Likewise, they embrace the notion that as long as their equipment does not go offline, the Client has no reason to contact the Competition. Here is a link to the article recently posted on LinkedIn.

Click here for Siklu LinkedIn discussion




BTU – Featured Presenter to JCI’s Monthly Webinar Series



In 2018, JCI extended a Company-wide rollout of BTU’s Continuous PoE Products. Through a monthly series of Securing Growth Webinars, BTU was an invited presenter to establish Product orientation and Bill of Material support across JCI’s North American Teams. Any IoT device connected to BTU becomes impervious to power interruptions and or, extended outages. Device counts and off-grid run-times are fully scalable.


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