February 2019 Vol 2

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• Disruptive Technology now available worldwide
• Adoption of Continuous PoE in the Security Sector
• JCI’s BTU Rollout

BTU Research Products & Solutions

Hardened Full Layer 3 PoE Network Switches with on-board UPS

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BTU Research 2018 deployments spanned

Market Sectors and Countries

Products Now Available Worldwide

BTU Research manufactures of a unique, patented technology. One that deliver a constant, uninterruptable, Ethernet-level power source, local to any PoE device. BTU is the first company to offer an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) in the form factor of a POE injector and Hardened POE Switch, enabling the design of backup power to meet any duration, or off-grid period. Continuous PoE Anywhere, for Always-on Power. Everywhere.

2018 deployments spanned a variety of Countries and Market Sectors to include: Communications, Transportation, Border Security, Rapid Deployment of Emergency Networks for First Responders.

Core offerings are now in stock and available worldwide from our Authorized Resellers with Global reach.


Bringing UPS Anywhere for Always-On Power Everywhere




Powering the Edge with Modular, Continuous PoE



·        Expanded options in PoE Network Switching for Critical Infrastructure. Ideal for use in Traffic / DoT Applications.

·        Integrated wireless access point and cellular router.

·        Tethered Switch allows for up to 8 additional Critical Edge devices.




Johnson Controls’ BTU Research Rollout



Product Management from JCI’s Access Control, Surveillance and Intrusion Groups observed:

BTU Products extend networks beyond IEEE standards of 100 meters.

They also represent –

·         A competitive quote to the Client, by reducing head-end wiring that would otherwise be essential for redundant power and constant video requirements

·         A simplified installation or expansion of a network, at a lower cost

BTU Products –

·         Eliminate the need for expensive climate-controlled rooms or enclosures required for new infrastructure

·         Quickly deploy redundant power with zero loss of connectivity, eliminating non-billable service calls and avoidable system down time

·         Are small form factor, with a minimal footprint

·         Operate at a lower power consumption rate and heat dissipation, than expensive custom solutions



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