Whitepaper – Honeywell Project

Honeywell Emerick, PA Plant Project November of 2015, Honeywell Project Manager Miloslav Kajanek selects BTU Research 24V-38W Brownout Buddy POE Injectors to power […]

Whitepaper – School Hardening / Safe Campus Initiatives

School Hardening / Safe Campus Initiatives. We don’t want to talk about guns or politics. We want to address the safety and […]

Whitepaper – United on the Edge

United on the Edge Introduction The Ethernet, 5G and IOT are contributing to significant changes in the way information is gathered and utilized […]

Whitepaper – Surveillance System Survivability

Surveillance System Survivability Fire Alarm System requirements are clearly defined in massive code books and have been successful in providing safety to America’s […]

Whitepaper – Energy Conservation Initatives

Continuous PoE Technology Fuels Expanded Energy Conservation Initiatives. The introduction of a disruptive technology known as Continuous PoE, has dramatically expanded power engineers’ […]

Whitepaper – ACC in Life Safety

IP Addressable Access Control (IPACC)
New Release versions of IP Readers, Scanners, Intelligent Locks utilize the Ethernet as their power source.[…]