Resiliency, continuity of operations and toughness of naval infrastructure, as well as rapid and reliable expeditionary IT networking, have never been more important than they are today. BTU’s technology represents not a step forward, but a leap forward in these critical areas.
Christopher Weaver - Rear Admiral, USN-ret

There’s no doubt this equipment provides an added dimension to network infrastructure and we recommend the use of Brownout Buddies where consistent power to edge devices is desired. We will use them time and again on our upcoming projects.
M.K. - Project Manager, Honeywell

I would recommend your device for every low voltage device remotely installed on a network. We plan to use them on every network device whether mission critical or where just a nuisance disruption could occur. They are far more valuable than their price tag as they pay for themselves in just one saved power loss event!
David DeMarce - Lead Engineer, SkyNet WiFi

As a medical device manufacturer, we have strict guidelines for our product and inventory - building access controls, cameras, and ethernet temperature, humidity, and other sensors cannot go offline. When reviewing the options, it was clear to us that a Brownout Buddy was not only the right solution, but the most convenient and cost effective.
Matt Geary - Director of IT, BioDerm Inc.