Channel Partners

Our mission is to provide our customers with reliable solutions that include the most innovative and efficient products in the industry. Having an uninterrupted power supply protects your organization’s processes even during power quality disturbances.  UPS solutions by Chesapeake Mission Critical are just another step in our company’s commitment to protect your organization’s mission.

Our experts built the industry from ground up using smart, scalable solutions in Next-Generation Data Storage and IT Infrastructure.

Critical Power Group has established relationships with Market Leading Manufacturers to ensure equipment integrity, reliability and maintainability. We are dedicated to your success.

Davis Infrastructure partners with manufacturers known to deliver quality products and services while leveraging broad industry experience and knowledge of business process. We consistently abide by the core values of Knowledge, Integrity, and Excellence to ensure every engagement brings value to the client.

Clean Power and Service (CPS) is a quality power and environmental service provider that offers  preventative maintenance, emergency service and installation of critical applications. CPS Specializes in providing back-up power solutions, environmental products, facilities integration, installation support, monitoring services for data centers and other mission critical areas.


Cellular & Satellite supports a network of agents around the globe with wholesale wireless services, including cellular and satellite data plans, and disruptive technology products. Cellular & Satellite also provides integration, packaging, and installation services for IoT projects in the United States utilizing a nationwide network of installers.