Roads and Bridges – BTU POE UPS switches and injectors provide power, UPS and emergency POE back-up for Federal, State and Municipal ITS, Traffic Ops and roadside equipment and maintenance projects. From cameras to autonomous vehicle sensors and everything in between, utilizing BTU’s patented “Uninterruptible Power over Ethernet Supply”™ technology, ensures total reliability of devices on the Edge.  The new approach to network reliability is as simple as installing an injector.

ITS – UPS Solidswitch is ideal for ITS projects, providing power and long run time back-up to IP addressable devices. This innovative switch does it all in a package the size of a ream of paper. Our Brownout Buddy is fast becoming the injector of choice to provide a reliable and consistent power supply to RSU’s. This compact NEMA TS2 certified UPS injector offers 85WH of battery backup and 60 watts of output and is an immediate solution for RSU downtime issues.  By merely replacing the existing injectors with Buddies at problem location, our customers find immediate relief from downtime issues. For multiple camera locations, the combination Brownout Buddy and small 4 port hardened switch “SwitchPak” is an ideal and cost effective solution. Considerable emergency runtime is provided with 350Wh Auxiliary Power Capsules that can be daisy chained to achieve the desired back-up.

Traffic Operations –UPS Solidswitch is the power product of choice when powering multiple POE devices connected to a Traffic Signal Controller cabinet. With a media converter on-board the UPS Solidswitch can power smart sensors and detectors and connect the network back to the controller. Intersection cameras, sensors and emergency vehicle preemptive devices become fully reliable when connected to UPS Solidswitch.

Maintenance –The UPS Solidswitch has become the go to replacement for legacy cabinets and high maintenance, lead-acid batteries. A simple pole mount install of the UPS Solidswitch replaces multiple vendor pieces and warranties. Location troubleshooting is also simplified using a Brownout Buddy on battery power to access the network and identify the problem. Most maintenance issues are power related and when discovered, the simple replacement of an edge injector or switch with BTU equipment will provide a long term solution.

Railways – UPS Solidswitch is ideal for powering Positive Train Control systems, surveillance cameras, mass notification equipment and wireless access points. Sensors and detection devices deployed along remote, railway routes become fully reliable regardless of grid power inconsistencies. BTU solutions expand the options of project planners for new project designs, retrofitting stations and railways and addressing continued maintenance issues.

Airports and Ports – From modern Airport terminals to seaports, BTU ‘s Edge devices are built to work in any environment. The UPS Solidswitch was designed to be the connection from the most remote devices, whether they be mission critical surveillance cameras, detections devices or egress lighting solutions, BTU can ensure the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is always connected!

No longer build a network with limitations factored. Build a network with our ALWAYS ON technology. Use our UPS Injectors Brownout Buddy to back up your lighting system, and expand the backup as needed by daisy-chaining our Auxiliary Power Capsules to increase your runtime. Even add a SW4P, hardened 4 port switch to back up and power additional low wattage devices.

For projects planned for 2019, the BTU RackUPS injector will provide the ultimate solution to maintain a constant power supply to surveillance, lighting, access control and life safety systems.  RackUps is a solution that will work with any network switch and with Auxiliary Power Trays will have the power needed to maintain critical systems for a predetermined period of time.